Country Noises

by Splicey and Tracky

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This is a track by Splicey and Tracky, a collaboration started back in April 2015 which involves Dave Keifer (Cagey House) and myself (aka Be a Waterwolf) -- I crafted what basically is a pop song around what began as a sparse collage consisting of mallet sounds, noises, strings, and other intricately-woven passages by Dave, and combined them with some of my mallets and wave forms.
Though I can no longer find this particular project file (rather, this stage of the project), I do remember that, left alone, it would have made for a strong track by itself. But, instead, I figured it wouldn't hurt to record some live sounds over the live and software samples, to add weight to certain parts. My memory is normally really good. Normally. Right now, I actually cannot tell you why I decided to give it basically a 4/4 feel. Played drums, then, added upright bass, and then some spooky background vocals. The following day, I decided I ought to try making up words over it, singing with a nylon string guitar/doubling the melody. I made sort of a "cloud" of phrases I liked, and used it...then, sometimes, I didn't use it.
Oh! Actually, to go back, some, I actually did not have Dave's software strings in there, or, what I seem to remember as a steel-string guitar passage, until after the first "final" version was finished. The steel-string sounds were more reinforcement for the vocals during the "rare...are the noises" segments (elsewhere, too). And, then, the strings really really helped to bulk it up, a bit, while still allowing it to sound like a float-y track.
This description is longer than I would have liked, but, there were several steps involved! The decision to release this track (many thanks to Dave, for letting me release a S&T track on my page) by itself is that it does not seem to fit with the other adaptations of Cagey's music I've constructed...but, at some point, it needed to come out!

[Quick note about Splicey and Tracky: if you have not, definitely check out the full-length debut on HAZE Netlabel, to get more of an idea of our sound. It is from D. Keifer's side of the collaboration. Link:]


released December 18, 2015
Splicey and Tracky are:
Dave Keifer (Cagey House): virtual instruments, software, etc. Some of the sounds used in this particular instance come from the album, Stations Alive released on the elegirl label under a CC BY-SA license

Jess Lemont (Be a Waterwolf): Drums, voice, nylon-string guitar, upright bass, mallet percussion, noise.




Jesse Lemont Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music is my first language, probably. Also, psst...I was born with the name Aja early in the 80's, supposedly in a Waukesha hospital (11:43 a.m.) in case my original parents are ever wondering if I became a musician like they both were. I'm alive and well, mystery parents! I've ended up with a good family. I'm into art, too. (Hoping it is worth a shot to put all that up. One just never knows...) ... more

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