The Tiny Album

by Jesse Lemont

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About this album:
[All content played/tracked/edited by Jess Lemont, mostly in 2015. Cover illustrations, as well...mostly from 2014]

Album contains a fairly wide variety of instruments, although mostly fitting in the high-mid/high/sometimes really high range. Especially mallet instruments like xylophone and glockenspiel (often with knitting needles, as suggested by a friend who graciously gave me his own knitting needles...track 5--which is a different draft of track 8--almost has a pitch/tempo-manipulated and very processed sound, as I've employed that plenty in spots on this album, but, all were played and kept in linear time--my proudest accomplishment on the album! Glad the xylophone I have is in poor enough condition for me to be able to hit it with knitting needles), drum set, other percussion and the like. Contact mic, xaphoon, melodica, accordion, guitars, fretless bass, laptop & a dash of some decade-old piano...that's probably everything. Oh, and stylophone. I'm having a great time after making the realization that I ought to have more tiny instruments that aren't high-maintenance to play/figure out! The Xaphoon isn't as easy, and it is quite possible I waited too soon to feature it in a recording instead of really learning it, but, it just was too neat to pass up (as a last-minute addition). There is a healthy mix of live (linear, rather....linear-horizontal? It was all played live, at some point, save for the wave forms/tones generated...) and edited, together. There was no specific order at all in the way the tracks were constructed. Sometimes, in one quick session...others, more cobbled together over a longer stretch. Tracks 4 & 6 are technically from late 2014. Think that covers about a small fraction of everything I'd need to say in order to explain the latest release. Then again, why am I explaining this, here, when I could just upload a separate liner notes file? It's complicated.

Other notes:
The turkeys featured in the cover art might look familiar to a few people who got them in the form of a thanksgiving card I made. I hope no one feels less special, now. This album has nothing to do with turkeys, just as the October '14 EP had nothing to do with Hank the Dog. But, the music may cause them to appear. So, I dedicate this partially to turkeys, and the rest partially to a lot of other animals and human beings. This is an album for friends...even those not interested in music like this, I guess. It is understandable. Just know that I'm interested in it, and don't put it out merely to try and be complicated, although I prefer "complicated" most of the time by default. Simple is too stressful. Also, happy 42nd Anniversary to my parents.

[end of thoughtful notes/collection of run-on sentences. They were written in collage form!]


released April 28, 2015




Jesse Lemont Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music is my first language, probably. Also, psst...I was born with the name Aja early in the 80's, supposedly in a Waukesha hospital (11:43 a.m.) in case my original parents are ever wondering if I became a musician like they both were. I'm alive and well, mystery parents! I've ended up with a good family. I'm into art, too. (Hoping it is worth a shot to put all that up. One just never knows...) ... more

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