Multitracked Jazz Compilations - Vol. 2

by Jesse Lemont

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I finally did what I was supposed to, and typed the notes for each track, so I would not take up so much space, here! If you'd even want to call Volume One of the jazz compilations series "straight-ahead," I believe it is definitely the more straight-ahead of the two collections. This one is way, way more free. It wasn't planned, but, it worked out that way. One big reason the addition of the Xaphoon to the instrument family (see notes for track one for information on the Xaphoon and a bit on the instrument's inventor, Brian Wittman. This album is partially dedicated to him...then, also family/friends/mentors/etc...)

Also, I changed the lineup/content in this second collection (guaranteeing now that there will definitely be a 3rd collection) upon learning of the death of Ornette Coleman. Ornette's music, once I was introduced to it, had such a huge impact on my life and approach to playing. No disrespect at all to Jimi Hendrix, who was, up to the point I found out about Coleman's sound, my favorite improvisor. But, Ornette completely took over that spot. He was so cool, and I'm really glad that I got a chance to hear him/watch him live in Chicago at the Jazz Festival in 2008. Although the news was really sad, his music will be something we'll be forever trying to catch up with, both as musicians, and as listeners. If nothing else, the news will hopefully gain him some new listeners who were unaware of his music/genius/perhaps even his existence, prior to his passing (which came about 11 months after the passing of the great Charlie Haden, long associated with Coleman--and, while I'm thinking of it, here's a recent tribute on Ethan Iverson's wonderful DtM blog, if you'd like to read it -- additionally, to get back to the Jimi Hendrix comment, I still consider him a "favorite" player -- just not The Favorite, after around 2003.


released June 15, 2015

Drums & percussion, Upright Bass, Piano, Xaphoon, Guitars, and Accordion all performed by / all music by J. Lemont




Jesse Lemont Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music is my first language, probably. Also, psst...I was born with the name Aja early in the 80's, supposedly in a Waukesha hospital (11:43 a.m.) in case my original parents are ever wondering if I became a musician like they both were. I'm alive and well, mystery parents! I've ended up with a good family. I'm into art, too. (Hoping it is worth a shot to put all that up. One just never knows...) ... more

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