Multitracked Jazz Compilations - Vol. 1

by Jesse Lemont

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The Music:
This is Volume One of a collection I'm putting together of releases focusing on some selected jazz-rooted recordings I've made, ranging from more straight-ahead/traditional to spacier, sample-based tracks, to long-form melodies/compositions, and then to more spontaneous music. I've tinkered with learning about jazz over the years, and, one of the very helpful tools has been recording the parts and kind of learning how to make the cool sounds I hear, while trying to also forge my own sound. The sound quality of some of these may irk some, understandably. Hopefully, some of the content will alleviate any ear fatigue. All the instruments, including sampled instruments, were played by me. Even the Nintendo sounds (see track 4...R.Bi.I baseball II is in there...) Also, this was now about 12 years ago, but, thanks go out to the Mantoans for letting me record on their baby grand in 2003. I feel bad that none of you have heard that track, yet
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Additional Note:
I'd like to mention that, while I intend on keeping my digital downloads free / (including the pay what you want decision), so that more people will have be able to download them, I'd like it if those of you who find any of my releases, past/current/future, worth paying some money for, to please strongly consider donating a bit to the Autism Society of Wisconsin, instead of paying it to me (as some very kindly have done, in the past). As an Autistic person, it is very important to me and for my peers/friends on the spectrum to have an organization like this to help support us in many ways across our lifespans. I hope you continue to enjoy the music, and that you will consider helping out an important cause, as well. I'll have AS-W linked over to the right, as well, inside of my bio information. Thank you! -JL


released March 29, 2015

Jess Lemont played and tracked all instruments/including those used as samples, and the music was written and/or developed by her (some, more structured than others). Exception is Track 3, Naima, written by John Coltrane.




Jesse Lemont Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music is my first language, probably. Also, psst...I was born with the name Aja early in the 80's, supposedly in a Waukesha hospital (11:43 a.m.) in case my original parents are ever wondering if I became a musician like they both were. I'm alive and well, mystery parents! I've ended up with a good family. I'm into art, too. (Hoping it is worth a shot to put all that up. One just never knows...) ... more

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