Jazz Volume 3

by Jesse Lemont

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    If you choose to download this item, you will receive extra pieces of artwork, photos, and a near-8 minute mallet percussion improvisation using xylophone and orchestra bells, a mixture of using 2 mallets and then 3 mallets with a variety of extended techniques. It's a fun little piece! I'll post the video that corresponds with it on my FB music page, in the coming week or two weeks. The artwork, along with the musical content, falls under a cc by-nc 3.0 license, so you are free to adapt both the music and art so long as the original source material is mentioned along with any new work containing said material. Doing artwork has been an integral part of making music for me, now, so this is the reason for so many files! There are a few covers I did not use, as well, but wanted to include.




[Quick Note - I've left numbers in the titles because I just visually like how it looks, although it certainly is redundant! Anyhow, I hope no one is bothered by this. In addition, I will from now on refer to these jazz collections as "Jazz Volume 3," and remove the "Multi-tracked" part...most things are multi-tracked! Okay, thank you!]

(Previous volumes)
Jazz Volume One: linuslemont.bandcamp.com/album/multitracked-jazz-compilations-vol-1
Jazz Volume Two: linuslemont.bandcamp.com/album/multitracked-jazz-compilations-vol-2

Jazz Volume Three:
This release is a collection mainly of unreleased material complimented by some surrounding tracks that have been released during the 2015-2017 time period I've chosen to focus on that, given the amount of tracks on my Soundcloud page, perhaps have not even been heard. So, this material may all be completely fresh, to some. This volume's content has a bigger wind instrument presence than in the previous two. In addition, two tracks (10 & 15) were from the recent release Piano, Gravity & Glitter..., which I had, during the process of figuring out Jazz Volume 3's final layout, decided to release prior to this album because it seemed to be distinctive enough as an EP. Track 4 is from a release by the project Splicey and Tracky that involves collaboration between myself and Dave Keifer (Howdy Persephone howdypersephone.bandcamp.com ). That album is called Drums and Mannerisms, Now! (or, D.A.M.N.!, as I prefer to call it! soundcloud.com/user-321248188/five?in=user-321248188/sets/drums-and-mannerisms-now) that is our most recent long release (if you like it, be sure to check out Horses, Horses...Horses! and Invisible Tails). On this particular track (fourth), I sampled from both a flute segment and a wind & strings segment of Dave's and stretched them out while setting them up to overlap more frequently as the track goes on, in addition to those sounds being treated/edited more as it goes on. It originated as just a sax/bass/drums trio, and, strangely and wonderfully enough, everything seemed to work out considering the first version of the track seemed to be tonally vague (...the vagueness on purpose! "Vague" in a positive way). But, yes. Anyhow, I hope that this information about covers everything.


released April 4, 2017

Linus Lemont - Recorded/performed all instruments (with exception of the contributions of flute/strings from Dave Keifer on track 4. More on that in the main album description) and designed the album cover, which took so long to figure out that it is the reason this album never got released in March!




Jesse Lemont Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Music is my first language, probably. Also, psst...I was born with the name Aja early in the 80's, supposedly in a Waukesha hospital (11:43 a.m.) in case my original parents are ever wondering if I became a musician like they both were. I'm alive and well, mystery parents! I've ended up with a good family. I'm into art, too. (Hoping it is worth a shot to put all that up. One just never knows...) ... more

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